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2015 i3

Hello, I am in Ohio and am looking at a 2015 i3 with a LOT of miles. 110000 to be exact. It has 3 codes that the dealer told me about. I have not driven the car yet, but am going to look at it this week. The codes are
21E705, 21E96F, 8040BB.
Should these be a big concern, or should the mileage be more a problem. It has had 2 owners. The first had it 6 years and drove it like 25000 miles.the second owner had it for about 2.5 years and drove it over 80000 miles.
Thank you for you help. I am in a rural area with no BMW dealers nearby (75 miles is closest one).
Also they charged it today and it has 14.6 kw/hr of charge

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