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Carseats and the back seat


We have an 8-month old that's still in his carrier and pretty soon he will be using the car seat (rear facing).

Do you guys recommend the i3? Went to the dealer yesterday to try it out. Couldn't figure it if it's going to be difficult getting in and out of the back seat with a baby.

Any insights will really help.

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Re: Carseats and the back seat

On the Edmund's automotive blog there are a few posts about installation of a carseat and what brand they used that fit really well. If I can find the exact link, I'll send it but in the meantime if you go to Edmunds.com and click on long-term reviews there is a BMW i3 as one of their long term test cars. Very helpful to me anyway.
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Re: Carseats and the back seat

My wife and I leased an i3 when our son was 11 months old. He's now a little over 2, and she has been transporting him every day to daycare in the i3. Neither of us is very tall (5'6"), but we feel there is plenty of room in the front passenger seat with him behind. Our infant car seat is a maxi cosi mica, and we have a peg perrigo convertible. With an infant seat you remove from the car, getting it in and out was no problem. I will say it was a bit awkward getting him into and out of a rear facing convertible seat, but you get used to it. Now that he's forward facing, it's no problem at all.

My biggest gripe is the reverse hinged rear door. No problem if you have plenty of room, but if you're in a tight parking spot or in a garage, it can be a PITA as you will be trapped and have to squeeze forward into the front door to close the back door then escape, all while holding a baby, diaper bag, etc. That aside, we absolutely love the car and are already talking about getting another one.
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Re: Carseats and the back seat

Currently we are using a Nuna PIPA infant car seat with the base in our i3 and it fits really perfectly, not quite as nice as in our Q5...but it works ok for me as the driver ;)

We are also going to be looking for convertible car seats, I am hoping to find a Diono Radian RXT somewhere to test fit. Your best bet is really to go to a store that allows you to test fit the seats, there are some reviews out there showing a few that fit...but some of those seats leave a bit to be desired overall. The Diono is appealing as it has a much lower height than most and less bulk, as it uses metal instead of plastic to create a strong frame. Some of the convertibles have more bells and whistles than needed (4 cup holders, seriously?).
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Re: Carseats and the back seat

We have a 7 month old a getting him in and out of the rear facing carseat is pretty easy...but we were coming from a R56 Mini Cooper :lol:

I will second the comment about the awkward positioning of the rear doors in tight spaces though...even without a carseat it can be tough to maneuver out with a passenger in the back. If there's plenty of space it is great, but if not be prepared to get up close and personal with your rear passenger :D
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Re: Carseats and the back seat

It does take some time to learn to manuever ourselves aruond the doors.

I find the below strategy work for the two doors.

Let the driver/front passenger open the front door, then sit in the car first. The rear passenger can then enter while closing the rear door. The front can then close the front door. One person at a time in that area between the two doors.
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Re: Carseats and the back seat

We used the britax 'b agile' system in rear facing mode, and now the Diono Rainier (front facing).

The 'b agile' would rub the front seat headrest when put behind me (and I have short legs), so it was installed behind the passenger seat (which was usually empty). There was still enough room for somebody to sit up front in a pinch, but the wife usually sat in the back seat when we took my car.

The Diono fits well, with plenty of room for the little one. It's really heavy, and is not a good choice if you're moving it from car to car. It is, however, FAA certified for use on airplanes (if that matters to you).
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Re: Carseats and the back seat

If you park in a garage (or in a parking lot with cars on either side of you) you will find yourself doing a hell of a dance trying to walk past the driver door, opening the driver door, walking back 'inside' the driver door, opening the passenger door, and then popping in the baby seat.

I have two kids and we do a LOT of the dance. The person in the back seat cannot open or close the doors once they're seated.

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Re: Carseats and the back seat

Update on my testing, I just received my Diono Rainier and tried to install it in the i3 as a rear facing seat...which is apparently impossible. The Diono Ranier and Radian both use a base that wedges between the lower seat cushion and the seat back, well on the i3 this is ~5" above the actual lower seat cushion which then places the Diono at such a recline that there is no way to not have the front seat essentially folded forward, and is too "flat" be remotely safe for my daughter. I had ordered the Diono angle adjuster expecting it to be off a little bit, but there is no way this is going to work.

So, anyone looking for a *rear* facing car seat check Diono Ranier/Radian off the list as it is likely just not possible. It seems we must go with a car seat with a very adjustable base due to the abnormal design of the rear seat. At least the Diono seems to work in our Audi fine.

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