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Re: i3 Horn sound

bwilson4web wrote: Mon Mar 27, 2017 8:53 pm
Perhaps we can get an automated horn in the future?

Bob Wilson
Italian wiring required……connect the horn to the brake light circuit :lol:
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Re: i3 Horn sound

Yes, it's awful.
I do think this may be a plan by BMW to encourage drivers of electric cars, who might have more thought for others, to avoid using a horn. When do we actually need it?
Well obviously as a warning mechanism, especially since i3s are rather quiet for pedestrians to hear.
As a reminder to someone we are waiting outside their house for them.
But mostly because we are furious about someone (like the contractor who hasn't discovered indicators) who does something foolish. It's our way of venting!

I've often thought about a small display alongside the high-level brake light which has a display which shows a message sent via voice-command at the precise moment. You know, get in front and say what you think. A bit like the police cars with their 'Follow Me' light. And . . . yes, I have had that happen to me.
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Re: i3 Horn sound

Look on You Tube for I3 Horn Replacement. Relatively easy to replace the stock wimpy single horn with dual high and low tone PIAAs or Hellas.
As we all know the single stock FIAM is pretty damn wimpy.....clown car horn.

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