New BMW i3 Concept in Paris later this month

Later this month at the Paris Auto Show, BMW will present a new version of the i3 Concept electric vehicle. This time, BMW will be emphasizing the holistic approach to sustainability its taken with this small EV.

View of BMW i3 interior through passenger door showing no center console

BMW has said that the i3 Concept’s interior has a design that is “consistently geared towards sustainability.” The BMW i3 has a eucalyptus dashboard from a sustainable source in Europe. The electric vehicle also uses natural fibers like wool and a leather tanning agent extracted from olive leaves.

Aside from being green-friendly, the BMW i3 still has an incredibly large amount of glass, opposing doors and no center tunnel or console.

The BMW i3 concept is built on the Life Module passenger cell made from carbon fiber that weighs less but has incredible rigidity in a crash.

There is no new news on the production date for the BMW i3, but BMW is still saying late 2013.

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