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    Electric problem

    There is a Wisely repair of the circuit board done in one of the repair videos. But I can't seem to find it now. Seems pretty straight forward.
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    Charging 80 or 100%

    This is all internet hogwash. If the companies wanted "X". Then you would write the program to "X". This sounds like the olde wives tale about never putting a battery on concrete it will steal it's charge" Poppycock. What shitty marketing to sell you a product and then it be said that you can...
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    Aux Fuel Mod

    And now I'm reminded of another song. This one from Supertramp, "Dreamer". Not a single search of RJS fuel cells turn up a DOT approval. The fuel cell used in the Rich rebuilds/Sam Crack referenced video. Jaz fuel cells specially state they are "not" DOT approved. I'm a drag racer. I have a bit...
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    Aux Fuel Mod

    "Race" tanks are not to be used as fuel cells (even with foam). They are not DOT (USA) approved and can not be used to even transport fuel legally on the roadways. This also applies any fuel cans that you see people use to transport fuel for ATV's, dirtbike, jetski's and the like that are not...
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    Someone else searching for an 2021 i3 S fully loaded with the all the options that were offered BMW as a part of “ their last year’ program.

    I still have a problem with the way dealers list vehicles for sale and I don't understand why we tolerate it. If I was to call and ask what my "out-the-door" price is. It will be no where near a $22,991 price. We have but one dealer in our area that I know of that has what he calls a "No Bull"...
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    Part Wanted ISO 2014 REx charging portal caps

    I always use realoem to find my part number and then use Pelican parts to find the initial price baseline point. Then its off on a search for a lower price. Normally I end up with the pelican price. They normally show several different venders for the same part with one being the oem part.
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    Carrying Cargo 'n Things with Our i3's...

    It is known(?) that even the "All the world that is Amazon" sells a trailer hitch for our massive behemoths capable of towing, oh, I don't know. The empty (harbor freight) trailer. The only tow rating I found stated 1) Not rated for towing. 2) Was a 200lb tongue load at the ball. Which is...
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    Carrying Cargo 'n Things with Our i3's...

    So does the plate stand for "Shag Wagon" and you thought you needed the carpet to push the point home? How modern day 70ish of you!
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    Parts For Sale 429 Wheel set, black floor mats, 10.25 screen

    Super nice set of 429 rims. Bought as a set to mount my snow tires on for easier swaps. Found a set 428's I liked better. $1200 offers considered + ship or pickup in PNW, Where we don't tan, we rust. 10.25 screen which was incorrectly sent by a seller off Aliexpress. I'm stuck not being able...
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    Engine management light illuminated constantly

    There is a post on here somewhere where this exact problem was spoken about. The post stated that his mechanic was able to contort himself and replace said part without having to drop the Rex. Not easy but apparently doable. At least I hope it was crank and not cam.
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    Just bought a 2014 i3 from carvana!

    He stated "All electric version" so no Rex for him. Agreed on taking it to the dealer.
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    My i3 is completely dead

    Testing a 12v battery requires it to also be load tested. It is possible to have a 12v battery (actually closer to 13.8v) to test good for voltage, but still be bad. It is also possible to buy a brand new battery and it be bad out of the gate. Extremely less likely. But not completely unheard...
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    Do you have "BMW connected" or similar app in use in your region?

    I have an Apr 2019 build date. If I pay the $120. What exactly can I expect? Will I see my charge level from my phone? Thanks
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    Part Wanted FM antenna WTB or length (FOUND)

    Either it vibrated off or someone decided they need mine more than I do. I'd buy OEM but I'm not putting down 50bucks for someone to keep coming along and permanently borrowing it. Is see reasonable copies on fleabay for around 15 bucks. But what is the tune length on these, or if someone has a...
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    Do you have a Wallbox charger at home, or why not?

    I semi-agree on the nomenclature (potato/patato). I only mention it because I can imagine some blue hair olde lady on an HOA board blowing a gasket on charger charger charger. When all you are really asking for is a circuit drop for a what I would call a Amp limit control module with built in...
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    Do you have a Wallbox charger at home, or why not?

    I think the big issue is people don't understand that what your hanging on your wall is NOT a charger. Your actually charger is on board your vehicle. This is a great explanation: and further info here.
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    2017 max tank fill question.

    I recently took a trip that was all planned out and the biggest hiccup I had was where they showed said chargers along my trip. Now when I plan, I plan in some pucker factor. When I showed up to one charger. It didn't work at all. The next one showed that it was in the middle of a residential...