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    Overnight charge failure

    ye Ihave had the same issue-I have an Ohme charger, so can set charging schedules in the app, you can also set charging in the My BMW app as well and I think there can be conflict between the two. Trouble is you can't turn off the BMW charge schedules, if it's not set to a timed schedule the...
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    Charging Schedule Issue

    Hi Am having the same sort of problems-the car charge settings are conflicting with my Ohme charger settings-the Ohme is set up with Intelligent Octopus tariff. There does not seem to be any way of turning off the car charging function so not to conflict with Ohme. Can anyone help me with...
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    Turning off BMW i3 charging as conflicting with OHME charger timings

    Hi guys just bought my first it😊. Have had an OHME charger installed, and have linked my car-I want to arrange all charging through the OHME app, and have been advised to turn off all of the car charging settings so they don't conflict. Can anyone please tell me how to turn the car...
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    CarPlay option not appearing

    Exactly same as me Todd......2020 i3, was sure it would have ACP but can't seem to find it on vin decoder website. Worryingly the website has my car down as a left hand drive😳😳