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    want a 18 or 19 inch wheel option for i3s

    I purchased a set of 4 OEM BMW winter wheels for the i3s (Wheel style 428, 5x19) and mounted all season tires on all 4 wheels (square set up). Does anyone have an opinion on this set up? The wheels were expensive, however I like the ride better than the stock 20's.
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    Moved to snow country - Need i3 snow tire knowdedge

    Slightly off topic, but I've been wondering: I have a i3s. Can I run all year round with all season tires mounted on the Rial 19" rims? I am trying to get a less firm ride than the stock 20's. Thanks.
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    Rattle under dashboard? Advice please!

    My 2019 iS had a similiar problem. It turned out to be two plastic pieces making contact. My mechanic made the repair. The pieces were accessed from the driver's footwell, so the work wasn't expensive. He removed, and re-installed the trim pieces. The sound was pretty annoying (it occurred on...
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    Left Aspherical Mirror Part # Differ in LH- / RH-Drive Markets?

    Thanks for the eBay link. I placed my order.
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    Left Aspherical Mirror Part # Differ in LH- / RH-Drive Markets?

    I'm a fan of an aspherical mirror for safe driving. Does anyone have the BMW part number for a left side (LH-drive) aspherical mirror? Also, where did you find the seller in Latvia? Was it eBay? Thanks!