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    Insurance warranty for the battery part only on a 2014 i3

    Hi. Thanks for your response. Which company/ insurance plan paid out that claim if you dont mind me asking? I purchased my 2014 BMW i3 without warranty in Arizona. It has over 100, 000 miles on it, 120 to be exact. I had to purchase an after market warranty on it through Endurance which covers...
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    Insurance warranty for the battery part only on a 2014 i3

    Hello Everyone. Just purchased insurance to cover every single thing through the Endurance 5 star warranty company for my used 2014 bmwi3 today. Was happy with my quote and all it came with and included if something goes wrong. However, it doesn't cover the battery, any battery part of it, so...
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    Aftermarket battery only warranty insurance??????

    Hi there. Found a Company named Endurance with a 5 star rating for a 100, 000 mile , 5 year everything covered 100% except for the battery insurance. Great Company and I am satisfied with my quote. Now I need you guys to tell me if there is even such a thing to cover the 6 cell battery part of...