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    BMW DOWNGRADING screen size on new orders?

    I've just read on some forums BMW are swapping the professional 10 inch navigation screen to 6.5 inch screens on all new orders! Is this true as I'm so sad as my car is being built soon.
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    Chrome Optic Highlight

    I have just ordered my i3 - very excited that this will hopefully be the best version as one of the final ones off the production line with the issues sorted over its lifetime! One thing my sales agent couldn't clarify if the car will come with the 'chrome optic highlight' that is the chrome...
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    BMW 2021 change to instrument light colours?

    eNate, thank you for clarifying. Do you think the internal door grip lighting is available on the interior Lodge? Also, with the 2021 model, can you turn off the pedestrian sound or not? Perhaps it varies by country?
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    BMW 2021 change to instrument light colours?

    Hello! I am looking at buying at i3 and noticed that in addition to adding the pedestrian sound, the button and instrument lighting in the i3 has been changed from white to red in some videos (including the climate control knob) I've seen on YouTube, can someone confirm? The red looks horrible.