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    Missed my i3 Rex. Want to buy one again. What to avoid?

    I want to buy a car for my daughter and it is going to be a i3 Rex. I used to own the 15 i3 Rex and loved the car for two years, panicked and sold it off because there was a talk about issues with the AC and that it took almost 8K to fix it. Long story short, I want to buy the i3 Rex and these...
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    Buying a Private Party 2015 i3 Rex with 68K miles. Good Idea?

    I live in So Cal with a drive of 36 miles RT. The car I'm buying has been driven on Rex a lot as are others in Socal. I'm getting this for 11.5K. Other than reading about issues with 2014 model Rex cars, I thought the later model Rex cars were solid? Is this not the case?
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    Buying a Private Party 2015 i3 Rex with 68K miles. Good Idea?

    I am planning on buying a fully loaded with all options i3 Rex with 68K miles. The car has been maintained well and has 3 more months of CPO left. Should I be staying away from a car this high in miles? I used to own a 15 Rex but sold it last year and have been missing the car ever since...
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    How long do you plan to keep your I3?

    Now that we know BMW will not be making these anymore, what do you guys intend to do with yours? Although the car is low maintenance, there still are a lot of moving parts. Wheels, bushings, discs, pads, suspension, steering, etc. If there are no independent manufacturers of these parts, then...
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    anyone in phoenix/tempe have a obd coder?

    Why not just buy on Amazon? $20 for a Veepeak BT adapter. Works great.
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    Navigation: Eco Pro routes, and BMW's paramaters...

    I don't know but looks like BMW used all the leftover Intel Pentium Processors in the I3. From 1994! :)
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    Navigation: Eco Pro routes, and BMW's paramaters...

    Speaking of the GOM, I've often heard and read that it's based on the last 18 miles or so. That is absolutely not true. At least in my observation. I drive back home from work, a total distance of 18 miles. Stop and go. Plenty of regeneration. I am happy because when I park the car, it shows I...
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    Navigation: Eco Pro routes, and BMW's paramaters...

    If you are not paying for this real time traffic update then it's OK i guess. IMHO, the BMW software that comes with the car is a joke. For example, my fully charged car shows a 78 mile range. I set a destination in the car's Nav and the GMO now all of a sudden after 4 miles of driving shows a...
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    No Parking Assistant for i3s variant?

    I have owned the i3 for about a year and a half and the parking assist has never failed me in tight spots. Slow to park? Not at all. In fact the speed makes me a bit nervous every time. Never a scratch on my wheels. Perfect parking every time!
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    Code tail lights?

    I wonder if that can be done. Those come on when you open the trunk I think. But it would be cool to activate them full time when the main lights come on.
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    Announcement about BMW i3 future

    Yeah but I couldn't care less about what else BMW is going to offer. I am more worried about "my i3". If the production stops then we are at the mercy of BMW for every little problem or part needed to get the car fixed. Mechanical or otherwise. Should we sell the i3s and get whatever value we...
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    Traction battery warranty

    I am amazed that your "1994" battery is still doing OK. :D (Couldn't resist) But more seriously, how much of actual range are you getting? Are your driving conditions too hot or cold?
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    Any I3 Owner in Los Angeles know a good Mechanic?

    I actually entrusted my trusty mechanic to do the oil change and the brake flush. Cost me 80 bucks labor plus my parts. He simply took some time to patiently watch the videos I showed him and was able to easily handle it. The brake fluid was his.
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    Highest Mileage i3/REX?

    Yes I grossly miscalculated :D It's great that you are able to charge it everywhere. I am in the same boat as you are. I have a level 1 charging spot installed for me so I am charging the car at work all the time. The only charging at home is on the weekends on my Level 2.
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    Highest Mileage i3/REX?

    You seriously put 36,500 miles on the i3 in ONE YEAR? WOW! That's exactly 365 mils a day. When does that Rex come up for air? :D Good to know that motorcycle engine is tough. :mrgreen:
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    (Questions) Planning a Los Angeles to Bryce Canyon Road Trip in the 2015 i3 REX

    Thanks for all the replies. Very helpful. There appears to be a lot of charging options now available all along the way on I15. From Mesquite Nevada to Beaver UT. These are DC fast chargers from Chargepoint and Electrify America. I think I can comfortable achieve a 50-50 Ev/Rex balance. :D
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    (Questions) Planning a Los Angeles to Bryce Canyon Road Trip in the 2015 i3 REX

    Great info. I am going to carry my Level 2 Charger with a heavy duty 14-50 extension cord. I have the plug share app. My only confusion was the J1772 Tesla charging. So as long as it says J1772 I should be OK.
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    (Questions) Planning a Los Angeles to Bryce Canyon Road Trip in the 2015 i3 REX

    So I am going to do it in late September when things start to cool off a bit. LA to Bryce Canyon and back. Up to Las Vegas, I will get a couple of charges along the way. I have coded the car so I will be driving around 70% on gas and keep the Charge handy for the time I will need power. I will...
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    Would you buy a used, 2016 REX as your first EV? AKA, help me decide!

    Just go for it. The only real maintenance is that little engine which I guarantee you will be alright with regular oil change intervals. Also this "no maintenance" on the Bev is not a reality. It is has an axle, power steering, suspension, among other moving mechanical parts.