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    Service Required Notifications

    I'm receiving service/inspection notification my i3S is 2022 notifications are saying contact dealer for brake fluid change and vehicle inspection due in a couple of weeks. Is this a must do by dealer or can any VAT registered garage do this. Sorry if this has been asked in the passed.
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    Charging 80 or 100%

    I do the same, set to 100% but 230v at home in UK never used DC charging.
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    BMW i3s in Devon

    What was the approx cost please.
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    2022 i3s My First EV

    Will post some photos soon of my i3s. Using the IO off peak account to charge, well, trying to use the IO app, not going well. Have a Project EV Charger model EVA-07S-SE. Anyone else using this model charger unit, any issues for you?
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    Welcome to the BMW i3 Forum

    Hello, My history with BMW started with Z4, 635d and X5. Now it's my first EV she's an i3s 2022MY arriving 9 Nov. Looking forward to the challenges this EV presents. :D