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    Bmw I3 electric fault

    UPDATE! I have had my I3 94ah scanned and if comes back as a Cambus fault. And when you clear it it comes on in about 3 seconds later it comes straight back on.
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    Bmw I3 electric fault

    Sadly not. It's the actual I-drive screen That won't work, and heater unit. I'm thinking of changing the front 12v battery in the front and seeing if that changes anything. Or just send it into BMW and pay the ripoff price.
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    Buying a used i3 94 Ah

    I would highly recommend a 94AH BMW I3 I've had mine for a year and a half and have loved it. I use mine for Town / City driving. And would say it can definitely achieve what you want from it!
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    Bmw I3 electric fault

    Hi, I'm just wondering if anyone has had the same problem as me when it comes to the Heater unit and I-Drive system not wanting to turn on. It will sometimes just flicker on and off the screen, then turns off, the I drive scroll wheel also does not work. Thank you, Fellow BMW I3 owner...