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    Maintenance cost on used BMW I3

    My maintenance costs have been minimal. Rex adds an annual oil change. BMW currently has a promotion around here $99 oil change, and they'll give you a $25 visa gift card (so about $75 oil change). Given the amount of driving I do, its much cheaper than an ICE.
  2. Z

    High-mileage i3

    The link you posted isn't opening. How many miles? Here is one with 140,000 miles: The interior doesn't show any signs of tears. A bit dirty, but it's a lighter color. Also, that looks like an easy clean. As for the batteries, I...
  3. Z

    G*D that was fun!

    I agree on the i3 looks comment. People are always amazed and ask me about the car. Don't see too many of them around here. Often times I'll hear "wow, this is the first time I'm seeing one of these in real life" :)
  4. Z

    :( CEL again and 2 Fault codes

    Yes, no need to overfill the gas tank. Here in NJ, we have full service gas stations. I always step outside and tell them to stop when it clicks. The attendants are always surprised by the small gas tank.
  5. Z

    BMW i3 will live on with a new battery upgrade

    That is great. I just had 24hours with a 2019 while my 2015 was getting an oil change and the 42kw battery pack is amazing as far as range goes. Feels slower than my 2015 though, as it is heavier.
  6. Z

    Heated seats.

    Yes, you have a heater. BEV has a heat pump, while the REX has the electric heat plus heated seats. Electric heat works very well and heats up quicker than ICE cars in my opinion. No need to wait for the engine to warm up and the heater core to warm up.
  7. Z

    How is your i3's reliability ?

    Extremely reliable! :) I've owned many cars and I'd say my 2015 i3 rex is the most reliable car I've ever owned. I have 73,000 miles on it and didn't bother getting the extended warranty, because I can't see myself making the cost back on repairs. I've purchased the car with 31,000 miles. I...
  8. Z

    Trouble charging at Harley Livewire fast charge stations

    Does anyone else have difficulty charging at Harley Davidson Livewire DC fast chargers with their charge point app? I've tried two separate Harley dealers and both couldn't connect to my i3. The charge point rep didn't know why. I've tried holding the charger as sometimes the heavy cables at...
  9. Z

    Highest Mileage i3/REX?

    It works out to about 100 miles a day :) At work I use a 16 amp 208v outlet. My work commute is 52 miles each way, or 104 miles in a day. I use the level 1 charger at home which provides me with a full battery when I wake up. Since my commute is 52 miles, I have about 20-25% battery remaining...
  10. Z

    Highest Mileage i3/REX?

    I have a 2015 i3 rex that has 68,500 miles. I bought it used last year with 32,000 miles. Awesome car :) I never understood the whole "city car" label. It's great at speeds on the interstate.
  11. Z

    Is Rex acceleration vibration normal?

    Hello all, I have a 2015 Rex that I can feel a slight vibration during acceleration only at low speeds only when the Rex is running and only if the heat / ac are on high. It occurs when the Rex is under a lot of strain but I don’t notice it on the highway. Is this normal? I test drove a new...
  12. Z

    Warrenty expiring on 2015 i3 - Technical service bulletins?

    Hello all, The warrenty on my 2015 i3 Rex is expiring soon. Should I worry? Where can I find the Technical service bulletin for my car to make sure I addressed all the issues/weak points? Thanks!