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    Would you buy a used, 2016 REX as your first EV? AKA, help me decide!

    To be fair, ordering parts for an i3 is not always timely either, considering just about everything has to ship special order from Germany. I suspect my i3 will spend more total time in the shop than my Tesla due to wasteful yearly oil change requirements (the engine barely runs!) and the...
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    Serious problem with new BMW ConnectedDrive Website (USA)

    I can also confirm that the Climatize Now in Connected Drive app started working consistently again with my 2017 i3. BMW has to do better than a 3 month outage with zero communication. That's really pathetic. Even non "premium" brands do better than that.
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    Would you buy a used, 2016 REX as your first EV? AKA, help me decide!

    Given there are several EVs that beat the i3 on overall efficiency using typical/common sized tires, it seems the uncommonly narrow tire decision was an objective failure. If I recall correctly, it didn't even last a whole year at the top of the overall efficiency throne, and no other...
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    BMW CEO to quit after carmaker loses early lead in electrics

    You must be more of an optimist than I. ;) I'm not sure more "electrified" (read: more plug-in hybrid cars with small batteries) is enough to keep BMW competitive. We can agree it's certainly better than ICE-only, but that's about as far as I'll go. It's more difficult to compete with a...
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    I've done this as well but The key range is very limited vs the app which has no such limitations (cellular signal has never been a problem for me in the 3 years I've had an i3--I live and drive in a major metro area 99% of the time) Even when the key is in range, you receive no feedback...
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    Serious problem with new BMW ConnectedDrive Website (USA)

    I've been unable to "climatize now" through the mobile app for over 2 months now. 100% failure rate. The other functions (that I have never ever needed) like lock/unlock work as they should. Contacted BMW about it 3 different ways and no solution. It's only the hottest part of summer. :x
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    My ConnectedDrive app is still failing to activate climate control 100% of them. I've not been able to condition it for over 2 months now. It's my wife's car and she's a stay at home mom with highly irregular schedule so the calendar based pre-conditioning schedule is useless. Now that it's July...
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    Any one here ordered a Tesla Model 3?

    I have a AWD Model 3 and a 2017 i3. I prefer the Model 3 by leaps and bounds. The two aren't even in the same ballpark. If you are a "software person" like me, it's obvious that Tesla runs circles around BMW in all aspects of software: UI design, reliability, updates (or complete lack...
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    The climatize option of my Connected app on my 2017 i3 has failed 100% of the time for over a month now. :x I called BMW Connected Services and they were just like "yeah there's been some server problem and we have no ETA." I asked if there was a way they were going to inform their customers...
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    I3s first drive

    Er, the seats haven't been changed in the i3... Same exact seats it's had the whole time. The LED headlights were there from the start as well. In some countries (such as the US) they've always been standard and some they are optional.
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    Updated maps to 2018-1, no FSC code needed

    I don't have a link for 2018-1 anymore, but the current maps are 2018-2 anyway. I've been looking and have not found a working torrent for that yet, just various places you can buy a download link.
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    Bloomberg article about leasing a Rex for $54/month

    The biggest factor is NJ doesn't charge any tax on EVs! Unfortunately that trick only works in NJ. That said, it's rather easy to get a lease on a $53k i3 that's less than say a Bolt or a Leaf even though the MSRP is much higher. I managed to get into a 2017 REx in February for $200/mo with...
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    New Owner

    Second Bimmercode app. After the REx unlock, the next is to remove the crazy annoying navigation nag screen! :D
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    115 miles commute.

    I think it could work, but IMO as someone that's owned two i3 REx's, this is completely the wrong car for your application. Driving 200 miles weekdays at highway speeds should have you choosing a comfortable highway cruiser, not a "city" car with narrow tires and darty steering characteristics...
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    REX little mistery

    I don't think the 12V battery goes dead more frequently than in any other car, but the way the symptoms appear in the i3 can be very different. If it's dead you may not even be able to get the car out of park. I guess that's no different than a gas car not being able to start the engine if the...
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    Youtube listing BMW i3 coding options

    E-Sys is way overboard for this task and IMO no longer necessary in 2018. The Bimmercode app is exponentially simpler/easier/faster, but it does cost $26. It's so easy it doesn't even need a video explainer. I've used both and the level of difficulty between them is like going from building a...
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    REX little mistery

    OK. A dead/dying 12V battery causes all sorts of weird issues in this car and unfortunately some of them are severe.
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    Updated maps to 2018-1, no FSC code needed

    I don't follow... Are you saying you updated the same maps again or changed regions?
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    Updated maps to 2018-1, no FSC code needed

    That's very odd. Did you use the correct maps for your region? Map data definitely should not affect stability, because (as far as I know) it's just data and doesn't change the underlying software. Not saying you're wrong, but I've not personally heard of anyone, with any model BMW, make a...
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    Updated maps to 2018-1, no FSC code needed

    Here's a video on the process (as posted by MattyGigawatts). I would skip the first minute with the FSC code stuff and just try loading the maps. Come back to that other stuff later if you get asked for an FSC code. I'm not sure it's ok to post the links here (someone correct me if I'm wrong)...