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    Replacing my i3 REx 2015

    Whoops. I need to change my profile. Sold the 225xe about 3 years ago. The car was nice, but we needed a car with legal towing ability, which the 225xe doesn’t have. It even says it in the vehicle papers. A week before I sold it the suspension in the left front broke, which was a shock. It...
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    Service History

    We just sold our first i3 after almost 9 years of ownership in the UK. The buying company valued the vehicle lower due to a missing service, which I disputed, because I always stuck to the 2 year interval, as indicated by the car. According to Google, which the buying company used as reference...
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    Replacing my i3 REx 2015

    I know! I was sceptical at first, but once I saw it, I knew it was the right choice. It’s in pretty flawless condition, too. Hardly any scratches. Very pleased.
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    Replacing my i3 REx 2015

    Our i3 metamorphosis has now been completed. The 2015 REx was replaced with an early 2020 i3 120. With only 21k miles in the clock, this one feel firmer and sturdier, which is to be expected. The additional extras such as LED headlights, Adaptive CC and automatic high beam adjust are a welcome...
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    enable CarPlay on late 2019 i3 120Ah

    You guess right, but it’s not that obvious. Otherwise I wouldn’t seek advice from gurus like yourself.
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    enable CarPlay on late 2019 i3 120Ah

    Thanks. The wifi aerial is under the backseat, I’ve just checked further. I think the easiest way to find out if I need one is to remove it and take a look. We have CarPlay in our VW and use it a lot. The i3 I bought last week was advertised with it, but turned out it is not.
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    enable CarPlay on late 2019 i3 120Ah

    I am looking to enable CarPlay on my i3 120, late 2019 model. The vehicle has Professional Nav, version NBTEvo_S and iDrive 6. Some websites suggest that a Wifi Aerial needs to be added to the unit, which is indicated by the fact that the vehicle has no Wifi (hotspot?). Is there a different...
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    Replacing my i3 REx 2015

    Update: We looked at VW ID.3 but I couldn’t quite like the car and interior in the same way. Spotted a 4 year old i3 with low mileage and higher spec than our 2015 REx at a good price and went for it. Hopefully this will give us 5-6 more pure EV years in a BMW i3 😎
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    9 Wonderful Years of i3 Ownership!

    How funny that we’re both posting about happy years of ow er ship at the same time. Your username reminds me of my early posts in here. All the best! P
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    Replacing my i3 REx 2015

    I’ve just finished cleaning our beloved 2015 REx, which we bought from new. In fact, you may find some early posts of mine from 2014/2015, when I researched the vehicle, planned the purchase and waited those months for delivery from Leipzig. Back then, it felt like something very special. And...
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    strange off-peak charging behaviour

    Update: I picked up the car last Friday from Rybrook BMW and the newly fitted 12V battery appears to have fixed the issue. Overnight charging now works again flawlessly. I have also noticed that other error messages have disappeared. A delay in release of the charging cable also seems to have...
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    strange off-peak charging behaviour

    Thanks everyone for related replies. The i3 is at the BMW dealer now and -as usual- the off-peak charging "effect" isn't occurring! However... I've had more weird and wonderful messages on the dash and in the app since then about battery losing charge when stationary, "No Signal" red message...
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    strange off-peak charging behaviour

    Hi all, our 2015 REx (70k miles) has started to develop a strange behaviour re off-peak charging. I have had my i3 for a long time, so I know the quirks. The problem: On multiple occasions, I've noticed that the car is charging immediately whilst being plugged in set as "Off-Peak Charging"...
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    Convenience Charging Electronics Technical Action 0061500500

    Yes, I’ve just had the work done within a day today. Paperwork says it’s had the recall work done, but no indication whether anything has been replaced. I’ll give the dealer a call tomorrow to check. The message in the app hasn’t disappeared yet, but judging from the description, it sounds as if...
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    Brake System warning message and lights on i3 2015

    We’ve had a Brake System Warnung message appearing on both screens this morning. Orange Exclamation Mark, ABS and the Traction Lights are showing on screens. Driving at moderate speed still possible and we’ll take it to our BMW garage next week. When driving, the Regen braking has gone and...
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    100% charge but under 50 miles range - 2015 REx

    First post again on here in a while. Over 63k miles on our 2015 REx now and we get 60 miles displayed at 100% on a cold 5 deg C morning in the UK. Summer morning display range tends to be around 72 miles on full charge now. That's down from 84 miles when it was new.
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    i3 is over

    Given the topic of this thread, I couldn't help but posting a link to the newly announced 2019 i3, 120Ah battery. They even dropped the REx option in Europe now. :D
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    Will a 2014 be okay?

    Fully agree with everything said above. As long as the vehicle has gone through all service recalls and software updates were applied the car should be fine from this perspective. Ours is just over 3 years from new now and plan is to keep it for at least another 2-3 years. The 65-85mi range...
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    i3 is over

    +1 My plan still is to drive our 2015 i3 REx (40k mi) 3-4 more years and then switch to a 2nd or 3rd battery gen used i3. Failing that, I might consider a battery swap in Germany, if still offered. But this depends on the overall state of the vehicle (suspension, seats, body etc). As said...
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    battery degradation after 3 years

    I've noticed that the max mileage displayed used to be 65mi when 100% in cold UK winter conditions (0 - 2 deg C, preconditioned). These days it is more like 58-60mi in the morning under the same circumstances. Before people respond that it depends on the last 18mi of driving style... I know all...