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  1. J

    Delayed charging Debacle

    I guess the owners handbook is as poorly designed as the vehicle, yes it mentions it goes off after sometime if locked a couple of lines down but such an important human feedback item should have been at least high lighte in bold if not red if that was so expensive and immediate adjacent to its...
  2. J

    Delayed charging Debacle

    Yes, once more into the breach :I find myself attempting this futile complaint Last night I made my first attempt at a delayed charge, only to get non-compliant feedback from the vehicle. Since I had BMW assist, which you shouldn't be without if you own a BMW I contacted them as I could not...
  3. J

    Road Tax Charge (UK)

    Capitalist societies can never be and are not intended to be fair! Quiet the reverse.
  4. J

    EXtender non-use

    I got the usual message about the need to run the maintenance cycle. But absurdly it does not enable the maintain charge box which is necessary for the extender to run. So I enabled it and then ran it for sometime on a longer trip but it still keeps nagging and does not display any additionally...
  5. J

    Things I Dislike About My i3

    Yes, had I known the car was made of glass I certainly would not have bought, I guess they decided to offset the carbon fibre. I had a minor touch with another car whilst backing and the whole thing shattered, barely if any mark on the other vehicle. What clown would make a car body of glass...