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    Uk ecotricity charging

    I'm an almost identical case to psquare. I have just got my 94Ah i3Rex, and have used the Ecotricity free CCS chargers twice. Both times, the charge ran for 30 minutes (at ~110A, ~325V!) and put 20kWh into the battery each time - once from 6.5% starting charge and once from 18.5% starting...
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    i3 Rex with halogen headlights

    Which ones, and from where?
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    i3 Rex with halogen headlights

    I've just taken delivery of a new i3 94Rex :D , with the "sport" pack, which includes HK sound, choice of wheels, tinted glass, and LED headlights. It was the latter which decided me to splash out, because the halogen main beam headlights on my previous i3 were abysmal. Imagine my horror in...
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    Trigger pulled too!

    Mine says it's 32Amp, but I measured 27.5Amps at maximum rate!
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    Trigger pulled too!

    Ditto, but grey metallic (whatever that's called). I'd have liked Solar Orange again, but the replacement is a horrible :cry: metallic blue which doesn't, IMHO, "suit" the car. It's our second i3 - and our only car. So we've used the Rex for around 25% of our journeys. I got a Polar 27.5Amp...
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    Just Ordered my 2017!

    I've ordered a 2017 i3Rex, due in the UK mid-August, they say, so delivered early September. We'll see: the present one took over 7 months to arrive :cry: . I wanted to stay with Orange, but they've replaced it with a horrible blue which I don't think "suits" the car at all. I wanted the same...
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    Thanks, guys. I stand corrected. :oops:
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    There has been discussion elsewhere about whether the 2017MY car has CarPlay. The local iGenius seems unaware of how it works, so I hope this helps - for a 2014 car. I have an iPhone 6s, and found that it shows no available cars in the list when I select Settings/General/CarPlay. :cry: It also...
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    2017 i3 BEV

    That's interesting. I have an iPhone 6s, and found that it shows no available cars in the list when I select CarPlay. :cry: However, my i3 is nearly 2 years old, and when I press CarPlay on the iPhone, and press the MODE button to the left of the car's volume knob, Bingo - the music comes out...
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    BMW Genius here! What is your i3 motoring advice?

    I have measured the actual currents supplied by the EV and the OUC. The EV maximum current is exactly 29.5Amps (which falls as the battery approaches full charge). The OUC maximum current is 9.5Amps (exactly 1/3 of the EV value) and also falls as full charge is approached. The power is not...
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    UK 2014 Rex CEL

    I've had my Rex for 18 months and get the drivetrain warning only when the Rex is in use. It worried us at first, but now we ignore it! It is not common, and the garage has had the car in several times to "fix" the problem (which has always disappeared by the time the car gets to them). :roll...
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    Should I get one?

    Sorry to be pedantic :D , but: Nope! It should have shown charging rates varying from 22kW to 10kW. In other words, 22kW-hours/hour, etc.!
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    How many have had the drive train malfunction error?

    When I had the fault last May, the garage wanted the car for a week to try and make the fault re-occur (it had vanished again before I got the car to them. I said "no thanks - I'll keep the car and bring it back when the fault returns." It came back mid-December (after using the Rex for a long...
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    How many have had the drive train malfunction error?

    We had this "drivetrain - continue but get it checked" problem when the car was new and we used the Rex. The fault came and went, but they had the car in and changed "The high-voltage cable". Now, a year later, the fault's back. It asserts only after longish runs on Rex, but clears only after...
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    Company question please

    This issue sounds like a visit to your accountant is needed! They should be able to advise - but because all this EV stuff is rather new, and there are more than 10,000 pages of Tax rules (yes, ten thousand!!! :o ) they may not be fully conversant. But it's a good question and, as a sole trader...
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    How to precondition NOW as against @ departure time

    I've programmed the diamond on my fob to start the preconditioning. (It may not do the battery pre-con, but it does the inside of the car!) I think it runs for only half an hour in case you forget to use the car after starting the heating.
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    Discharging Vehicle to power....????

    This UK i3 owner would be VERY interested. :D What with the Government shutting down most of the country's coal-powered power stations, and not replacing them with anything else for ten years, power cuts look increasingly likely. :cry: The UK government seems to think that it can solve...
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    For those of you that carry gas in your frunk....

    ...and for people like me who do long journeys from time to time and didn't want a second (ICE) car to do them. I don't have range anxiety, but have range awareness!
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    How long to refuel a BMW i3 REx

    That's our case exactly!
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    Pictures of my new i3 and my first mod

    I aplogise (apologize?) for being so pedantic, but the word CURB means restrict or restrain, and KERB means the hard edge of the pavement (sidewalk). Or is it different across the pond? So Dinos could've said, punning madly, that his modification curbs kerb rash! :D