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    2015 REx - UK

    Bought my REx Spring 22 and still love it! Spec is here
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    Puddle Lights

    Feeling around under the i3 doors there appear to be blanking plugs that could possibly take puddle lights, has anyone done such an install?
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    Stop locking the doors!

    a few years ago I had two gypsy travellers pull me out of my e46 330Ci and give me a beating because they felt I'd not moved out of their way quickly enough on dual carriageway. Since then I've ensured all of my cars autolock the doors
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    BMW Trips ....

    Yes I've done that, it sends destinations not trips :( My plan now is to do trips on my motorcycle nav and use it in the car :D
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    Warning re Tesla chargers

    I had this exact issue cause the exact problem with my Rex yesterday, have it booked into BMW next Monday to be reset.
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    BMW Trips ....

    I have a few BMW motorcycles and a couple of BMW GPS units, they're rebadged Garmin units so use Garmin Basecamp to create road trips on my PC. I wanted to do the same with my i3 but apparently the website BMW previously had for this no longer exists (UK) I see there's an import facility in...
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    12v Sockets

    Cool, thanks for that
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    12v Sockets

    Hi Guys Quick question, the front and rear 12 volt sockets in a 2015 i3, do they stay live constantly or do they turn off after 10 minutes or so from turning the car off? I'm thinking of installing a couple of dashcams to them and don't want to flatten my 12v battery :D
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    Google maps-sending address from Google maps to BMWi3

    All I did was view or create the route on my phone then sent it to the My BMW app, which opened it up and was able to send to the i3 from there :D HTH
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    Emergency Key

    Hi as a new owner (collecting my Rex hopefully on Sunday 21st May) I have a question. My current BMW, an X3, has a plastic emergency key that I keep in my wallet in case I were to lose my keys. Does the i3 have such an option to deal with lost key or can it be opened and started with the MyBMW app?