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  1. J

    Buying used 2015 i3 all electric - questions on charging, range

    Hi, Cargoman63 -- welcome to the forum and to the i3 clan! I'm in the Rogue Valley, far south of you, and not having the courage to get a BEV, my 2017, bought four years ago, is a REx. A year and a half ago I did manage the courage to launch a 4-day journey from southern Oregon to northernmost...
  2. J


    Hi everybody. I'm part of this subgroup too. My first e-car was a 2017 i3 REx too! Mine had fewer than 15k on it, and I bought it sight-unseen online, from a VW dealer 200 miles away, four years ago. It has over 27,000 miles on it now. I named it Bleuby; it's one of my closest friends. My...
  3. J

    Replacing my i3 REx 2015

    Thanks for that tip, Alohart. I considered that myself. Yes, Lexan would be good to use, but I wonder how that person managed to accommodate the compound curves: That panel has a slight arc both left to right and up to down. Being transparent, it could simply cover the lights (as my flexible...
  4. J

    Replacing my i3 REx 2015

    Thanks for the acknowledgement, Alohart. Checking first with the local trusted body shop, it was suggested that the total cost might be $1500 USD, considering installation, wiring and reprogramming of a replacement hatchback (since a replacement lower panel is not available). Research on eBay...
  5. J

    Replacing my i3 REx 2015

    Yes, alohart, but it's the glass hatch that bothers me: Why glass, when plastic could bounce back? And why isn't there a replaceable panel, when I clumsily back into a post and destroy that fragile part? The body shop says I have to replace the whole hatch cover, then get the latch programmed...
  6. J

    Are REX problems worth it?

    I bought my 2017 i3 REx in the spring of '20. I love having the REx for backup whenever I might need the range, and it has never had any glitches. I've only done one long trip, 1500 miles round trip, along a rural highway through eastern Oregon and Washington, all in four days. The REx made...
  7. J

    Rex is toast... Any way to stop maintenance cycle?

    From the description of "flames coming out" when the exhaust pipe is removed, it sounds to me like a valve timing issue. I don't know if this engine has a belt, chain or gear linking crankshaft to camshaft, but that's what may have failed.
  8. J

    Almost perfect, my 2017 REx

    I bought Bleuby online -- how modern can ya get?! With under 15,000 miles on it in May, 2020, I've been enjoying the ride ever since. Just one complaint so far: the tempered glass body panel on the hatchback -- no "part number." Oh, and wouldn't it be fine to have bidirectional charging, to...