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    Carrying Cargo 'n Things with Our i3's...

    This would be a great Youtube video if you could show the install and details. Thanks.
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    4yr/50,000mi warranty expiring soon. What should I check?

    We've had this wonderful i3s (no REX) for nearly 4 years, and 30,000miles already. From our experience with our 2014 i3REX we know that the boots over the struts are at risk for cracking and decomposing leading to a very expensive repair bill (see attached photo.) Are there any other things I...
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    Rex 2014 not working when battery is about 6% low

    A related story. I was driving merrily down the freeway this week and saw an i3 on the side of the road with flashers on. So I pulled over and asked the driver if I could help. Well, the 2015 was low on power and REX wouldn't turn on. She had already called for a tow truck. I realized I did not...
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    Which Home Charging Station Do You use?

    You asked so I'll tell you. I bought a Schneider charging station EV230WS in December 2014 from Home Depot for $592. I have solar and I'm at "net zero" even with charging my first i3 (2014 REX) and replacement i3 (2020S). I just plug in the i3 and the Schneider charges the car. Life is good.
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    9 Wonderful Years of i3 Ownership!

    Thank you Alohart. More decisions with 23 OBD Adapters to chose from.
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    Are REX problems worth it?

    I had range anxiety on my first i3 (2014) so I got a REX, even though it didn't function like the European REXs because of CARB rules in the US. With 60 miles of range I exceeded it about twice a month and needed to charge on the road or use REX. With now 150 miles of range on the 2020 i3S I...
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    9 Wonderful Years of i3 Ownership!

    Similar but different experience. We bought our first i3 Rex in August of 2014. Loved it. When we heard BMW was going to stop production we looked into buying a new one and to gain the longer legs (mileage). We ordered the i3S without Rex as we no longer needed the Rex with the improved mileage...
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    Anyone found another tire that fits??

    I wish I got the range on my i3S rear tires as I did on my 2014 i3 REX rear tires. Front tires on the i3S is at 26,000 miles with about 5K miles left before replacing. Rear gets about 10,000 miles. Properly aligned, no abnormal signs except the excessive wear bit. I don't hot rod it and run in...
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    Trunk lock stopped latching today.

    Hello. I have posted a video I took when I replaced the the Trunk Lock Latch a few years ago on my 2014 i3. I expect the same process will work for any vintage i3.
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    Trunk lock stopped latching today.

    Hello. I have a video of when I installed the latch. I'll try to get it on you tube today. I don't have any written instructions in my files. The job is extremely easy.
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    Trunk lock stopped latching today.

    Thank you Art. I followed the instructions and replaced the latch today. Worked like a snap. I even got to pull out my torque wrench and use it for proper fit. I am not sure what BMW would have charged to install the latch but it may be one thing on the i3 that is actually easy! (with...
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    Trunk lock stopped latching today.

    Thank you for your suggestion. With the tailgate open when I push up on the latch (with a screwdriver shaft) the "finger" comes around the pencil but does not latch. I am assuming that it should latch like other latches on other cars. Either the internal latching mechanism has broken or there...
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    Trunk lock stopped latching today.

    I don't see any other discussions on the topic of a trunk lock not latching. Has anyone else had to have the trunk lock / latch / actuator replaced? I have an i3 with 50,000 miles.