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    Dashboard update - odd messages

    When I went back to the car (been left about an hour) and no red light so I disconnected the earth lead and the battery measured 12.99v. I’ve just put my CTEK charger on the restore mode and will see what happens.
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    Dashboard update - odd messages

    Hi All, I’d be grateful for any advice as my dashboard display seems to have gone nuts since the UK hour changed last Sunday morning. I now have a series of messages “Convertible roof not latching” “Front collision sensor not operating” I don’t have one “Transmission fault” Car drives fine Plus...
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    Going to out of town for a week - leave plugged in or unplugged

    Our i3 has sat on our drive unplugged for two long periods. When it was a few months old it was left for five weeks during the summer. Last year (when it was 7.5 yrs old it sat for just over three weeks unplugged. Never given us any problems. Gets charged to 100% on the home 7kw charger every...
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    Are REX problems worth it?

    I’m another happy REX owner (2015) with no issues. The trip to our caravan is 141 miles with a bit of Welsh hills thrown in and the REX means we can get over the tops and down into Bala to the rapid charger. Love the car but it now shares the drive with a Tesla Y - which does all the long trips...
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    Do you have a Wallbox charger at home, or why not?

    We have a 2015 REX and had a 32amp/7KW BMW external wall box installed shortly after delivery. The various grants available from the UK government at the time meant it only cost £150 total so an absolute bargain. We’ve used it to charge the i3 to 100% throughout its life and battery degradation...
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    New tires helped

    Fully agree about the Michelin tyres being quieter and more comfortable.