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    Re: Buying out of state - a cautionary tale

    Depending on your state your local Treasurer/DMV might issue a temporary permit. Call and ask. Make sure to talk to someone higher up. [...]

    Re: REX fuel consumption per kWh

    I am not arguing that the i3 is a great long distance car, the sizing of the REx and tank are not suitable as you point out. What I am saying is for a range extender operating as designed with hold mode enabled (not US handicapping of the Rex so BMW can get additional ZEV credits) the car does just fine. I can drive with traffic at 75-80 mph no issue. This is enough to get me 220-250 mile each way to Chicago or Minneapolis flowing with traffic. I couldn't make these drives with any non-Tesla EV yet (or n [...]

    Re: Range and AC usage

    Even if Auto is off , the heater still works. Even after pressing the left side of the fan speed button until no climate control LED's are illuminated? Here in Honolulu, I never encounter conditions in which heating is necessary, so I have no heating experience. OK , You want to make sure , it does not run , as i found out in Manual mode , it was running , at least in winters, when it was easy for me to test. [...]

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    BMW sends out postcards to i3 owners confirming 50% more range for 2017

    Via the Facebook BMW i3 group, BMW has mailed out postcards to owners in the UK stating the 2017 BMW i3 will have a 50% increase in electric range, which would equate to around 120... Continue reading ->