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    Re: iOs 10 bluetooth problem

    I played the same app as before today and it worked fine all the way home. However, I did delete the app and then reload it, for a reason entirely unrelated to the bluetooth issue. In any case, it worked fine today. So maybe everyone should give it another try? [...]

    Re: DIY: Highbeam Headlamp Replacement / Upgrade

    Fitted my replacement LED main beams today. Look much better as the yellowish hue of the originals is history. Trouble is, I don't see any great improvement in long distance visibility. The lens and reflectors are obviously specific to the H11 bulbs installed but I was hoping that the greater light output may improve things overall. I am not sure this is the case. Short to medium distance visibility has improved no end with a lot more light on the road and sideways but I can't see anything more in the [...]

    BMW i3 side mirror repair costs

    There have been some discussion in various topics about the very high cost of BMW side mirror repair. Basically, this is complete assembly replacement. In the original "mission statement" for the i3, the idea seemed to be as ecological as possible. Power for the factory comes from wind turbines. The car bodies are made from carbon fibre rather than iron. The wood trim is produced from renewable sources. The original design for the side mirrors seems very sensible in that there is a plastic ring [...]

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    BMW sends out postcards to i3 owners confirming 50% more range for 2017

    Via the Facebook BMW i3 group, BMW has mailed out postcards to owners in the UK stating the 2017 BMW i3 will have a 50% increase in electric range, which would equate to around 120... Continue reading ->