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    Re: "increased battery discharge when stationary" message after coding?

    The Bimmercode app keeps evolving, but when I changed the battery on my GT, I ended up using a combination of the ECSTuning's Schwaben scan tool and the Bimmercode app to get to all of the parameters. I could easily reset the battery age with the Schwaben tool, but it never seemed to take when I tried to change the battery type, but the BImmercode app was able to do that (in Expert mode). I haven't tried scanning the i3 with the Bimmercode app. It may have been just my limited experience with both tools. [...]

    Re: De-badging

    http://www.jesture.com/misc/i3Debadge.jpg Here is a picture of the center round emblem debadged so you can see the clear glass (2015 model). You can see there is a small T at the top, a small I at the bottom and then the round section that is also clear. There are some white stickers on the inside. It would be easy to put the emblem back on. I'm now trying to figure out how to pull off the hatchback panel on the inside so I can get behind it. I think it would be great to fill in the T and I [...]

    NON OEM wheels & tires (wider)

    Has anyone set up their i3 with non-OEM wheels & tires? I understand the specs are: Bolt pattern (PCD): 5 × 112 Center Bore (CB): 66.7 Thread size (THD): 14 × 1.25 Diameter: 19 — 20 Width: 155 Aspect ratio: 60 — 70 Offset 43mm For example: 215X50X18s would be .93 - .96 as big diametrically and 1.23-1.39 wider. Has anyone used non-standard wheels & tires on these? Trading some range for performance & tire life? [...]

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    BMW sends out postcards to i3 owners confirming 50% more range for 2017

    Via the Facebook BMW i3 group, BMW has mailed out postcards to owners in the UK stating the 2017 BMW i3 will have a 50% increase in electric range, which would equate to around 120... Continue reading ->