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    Re: Phoenix to either Albuquerque or Las Cruces?

    Hi Bob, I'm curious did you end up taking this trip? I have done this trip many times before I bought my REX but have not tried it since. The concern I'd have is that the I40 and I10 have a speed limit of 75mph and everybody is pretty much expected to drive at least 80mph. My thought is its probably not possible but I'm curious if you tried it. If I was to do this trip I would probably use the 60 instead since the speed limit is around 65mph depending on where you are at in the trip. I just bought my [...]

    Re: BMW i3 auxiliary battery sizes

    That was just an example. The fact is that many i3 owners have used the emergency charging port opener, and that means that the 12v battery was flat. Maybe, maybe not. It could also indicate that the latch mechanism has failed (assuming that this latch mechanism requires 12V power to function). Not sure what both cars have in common. With i3, if your 12v battery is dead, your car is dead. You may have 100% charge on the HV battery, but no way to operate or drive the car. That's one thing that our Insight [...]

    Damaged charging port while charging at a SemaCharge

    Didn't realize the port was damaged until coming back home and trying to plug it in... See pictures below... At the dealership now they said part of the plug looks to be melted into the port and the assembly needs to be replaced, hopefully it'll get fixed under warranty Hopefully this is an extremely rare situation? They are asking for pictures of what the charger/charger's plug looks like...that charger probably wont be working for visitors after us...hopefully at least... http://i.imgur&# [...]

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