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    Re: Reverse alerting tone

    You can try coding R_GANG_AKUSTIK_ENABLE: aktiv Comment = Aktiviert den Rueckwaertsgang-Gong fuer Japan (Translation = Activate the reverse-Gong for Japan) I'm not sure if it's just an interior tone of exeterior [...]

    Re: Whats the best lease deal ever?

    I'm assuming a two year 10,000 mile/year lease from another employee at my BMW center. I'm paying him his upfront costs($900 down, $1050 MSD) and I will keep the $1050 at the end of the lease. He's paying the $500 lease assumption fee. It's a 2016 REX Tera with virtually every option- MSRP was $55,895.00 less the $7,500 credit. He only put 675 miles on it and there are 22 months left with a monthly payment of $105 including tax. Total cost of ownership is $3,210. [...]

    Re: Condition Based Service

    I have a BEV, so there is lots less that needs periodic services and the only thing that has applied so far is to flush the brake lines and change the cabin air filter (at 2-years from build date or last done, regardless of miles). BMWUSA will replace the wiper blades annually for free. In some markets, this service is an extra cost item, and may or may not be worth the price, but must be done to maintain the warranty (but not necessarily by BMW). [...]

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    BMW sends out postcards to i3 owners confirming 50% more range for 2017

    Via the Facebook BMW i3 group, BMW has mailed out postcards to owners in the UK stating the 2017 BMW i3 will have a 50% increase in electric range, which would equate to around 120... Continue reading ->