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Hello, I'm a new member

Mon Nov 23, 2015 3:29 pm

Hi Guys, this is my first post on here although I have been checking posts for a few weeks now.
I ordered my i3 on October 17th and the expected delivery date is sometime early in December, during week 49 which should be next week.

I originally ordered the following spec:
Mineral grey metallic paint
429 wheels
LED head lights
Sun glass
DC rapid charge

I found out that the sports pack had been announced not long after my order was placed and that this pack also contained the sound system upgrade and option for the 428 wheels, so I was able to change my order in time and the wheel option to the 428 wheels for an extra £150.
I placed an order with the the Nucharge guys for a tethered wall box charge point for £195 and it was installed last Friday. The Installment took around 1.5 hours and was very professional. A new circuit breaker was added to my consumer unit and also a meter that allows usage to be monitored The box is quite discrete and placed just next to my front door in our porch alcove.

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