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Screen replaced

Mon Dec 28, 2015 8:57 am

Just had the windscreen on the i3 replaced. It had been chipped about 9 months ago and Autoglass repaired the site with resin. Then we had 3 tiny chips in the middle of the screen, and the Autoglass man couldn't fix them as they were too small (although affecting the plastic laminate) but was not happy with the original fix. Looking at it again, the cracks were definitely propagating. He said this meant we should get the screen replaced free as an Autoglass guarantee.

I was a little loathe, since I knew of the incident where a whole i3 was written off owing to a botched replacement, but in the end girded my loins and rang for an appointment. Chap in the call centre was very reassuring: they had a screen in stock and they had technicians who do Ferraris and Lambos, so not daunted. Appointment duly made.

Technician arrived with a job sheet saying he had some clips to replace. Er - no - it's the whole screen. He called "control" who said he could go ahead, but he decided it was a 2 person job. So he made a further appointment, came today with his assistant, and 2.5 hours later it's now replaced. It looks as if they've done a good job.

Expensive chip repair for Autoglass, that was.
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Re: Screen replaced

Fri Jan 01, 2016 11:03 am

Well done and glad you got your screen sorted using Autoglass. As you might have seen on easier posts on this forum, I had my screen replaced, but Autoglass wasn't able to get the screen into stock. They kept reassuring me that they had the skills and tools to get the job done, but in the end couldn't do it due to a lack of stock. After 4 weeks, I put my foot down and got them to arrange a BMW workshop replacement for me. They chose a non-BMW i dealership, which was typical. However, Sytner Coventry managed to get the job done in end and I was happy with the work done.

Reading what you say about one guy turning up and then deciding he needs help by a colleague, it sounds to me as if Autoglass can still be a bit hit and miss. You have to watch them carefully.

Any repair on an i3 will take longer and you don't know what the skills experience of the dealer / garage involved are. I love the car, but being early adopters, we all knew we're in for that sort of thing, didn't we? :)

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