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    Re: i3 Motor/gearbox failure... help!

    ... The sad thing is that we bought the car about two weeks ago :D Doh! Private party purchase, I presume? That's terrible! [...]

    Re: i3 Towing Procedures?

    From the BMW Breakdown Guide: A FEW TIPS TO HELP YOU PROVIDE ON-SITE ASSISTANCE: • If the 12-volt onboard electrical system is still working, you can make the vehicle roll by switching the selector lever to N. • Jump-starting or charging the vehicle via the 12-volt onboard electrical system in the event of a breakdown is not permitted. • The vehicle may not be towed by the axles, as the electric motor could supply current to the high-voltage system. The car may only be transported on a flatbed vehicl [...]

    Re: 2015 Rex misfire issues

    the misfire codes will clear without issue, but the rotor position sensor error persists. it will not clear [...]

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