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    Re: Ohio charging services

    Many thanks for all this most useful info. [...]

    Metallic rattle sound from passenger side over deep bumps

    I’m hearing a metallic sound that almost sounds like two coins touching when going over deep bumps. It’s from the left side, possibly the seat or dash. I have removed everything from the car and searched for loose objects, but no luck. Has anyone heard this before? Thoughts on diagnosing it? [...]

    Re: i3 Accident Collision :(

    I was rear-ended at a stoplight by a guy who ran on the redlight. I was pretty shocked, but no significant damage to my car was done, luckily. He drove away without stopping, and I didn't get his license plate number. So I called the police, but they said it was unlikely that they would find him. They said that he probably wouldn't have enough insurance to cover my costs even if they did find him. My lawyer from https://www.sutliffstout.com/houston-car-accident-lawyer/ helped me get this case solved and arr [...]

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