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    Re: 12v battery dying?

    Sounds like a good decision, Arm. The dealer did not make the additional warranty clear, from what I recall, when I inquired about the service. They usually don't but pretty much any work they do is backed by 12 months, 12 miles. It's pretty standard unless things have changed. [...]

    Wanted: Trade Dark Oak for Eucalyptus

    Is anyone interested in trading their eucalyptus wood dash trim for dark oak? I just bought a 2019 i3s with Giga World interior and it has dark oak wood trim. It's in perfect condition, but I prefer the look of eucalyptus wood trim with the Giga World/Lodge interior design. [...]

    Re: I3 windshield washer dead / troubleshooting

    Check the wiring near and around the pump, as far as you can, for rodent chewing. [...]

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