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    Re: I Officially Hate Deer

    Well, my car went into the shop on Monday and they are predicting that it will be done by the middle of next week. I really miss driving it and will be very happy to get it back! [...]

    Re: E-Drive Badge Touch Up Paint:

    I just took a paint pen, pushed the tip into a small plastic cup to create a small pool of paint, then dabbed it on with a touch up paint applicator from Griotts Garage (small plastic sticks with a little sponge upon the tip). Have a paper towel handy to wipe off paint that gets on the raised letters. Before applying new paint, I used a “Nik-sand” tool (a bundle of fiberglas fibers) to flake off remaining loose paint and rough up the paint that didn’t come off. [...]

    Re: Panic braking

    ...Outside of the US, BMW enables a set of flashing rear lights when deceleration exceeds a certain point. I think the US rules on flashing red lights prohibits that (as if a stopping car's flashing lights would be confused with an emergency vehicle under those conditions!). They call 'em Dynamic Brake Lights and I believe can be enabled. Had something similar in my Audi. I don't get the US regs, allowing red turn signals that use the brake light, but not something like this that has a modest influe [...]

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    BMW sends out postcards to i3 owners confirming 50% more range for 2017

    Via the Facebook BMW i3 group, BMW has mailed out postcards to owners in the UK stating the 2017 BMW i3 will have a 50% increase in electric range, which would equate to around 120... Continue reading ->