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    Re: I had a 3G to 4G TCU upgrade to prove a point.

    Just a suggestion (though it's probably too late) to give this discussion its own thread. It's important enough to stand on its own, but the original topic of this thread also contains ver useful info that may get list in the chatter if antibody wants to ask questions or post their own upgrade experience. Maybe a mod can sort it out? [...]

    Re: Problem with roof peeling

    For Florida, there is a list of vehicles posted here - and a phone number and email address for more info on a particular vehicle. https://myfloridalegal.com/pages.nsf/Main/4CD6D6C699E4816785256CC90059E5CB Do a search for 'BMW i3' brings up a list of them. http://www.myfloridalegal.com/resale.nsf/Web+Search+Simple?OpenForm [...]

    Re: I took my 2014 i3 in for a battery capacity check and BMW added capacity to my battery

    Trying my new shiny tinfoil hat... If the car approaches the end of the battery capacity, they could remove the top and/or bottom safety limits, giving the car a range boost. It will cause the battery to degrade even faster, but why would they care if all they need for it is to last another year until it will be out of the warranty. It can be checked by monitoring the cell voltages at 0% and 100% indicated charge. Are there tools user friendlier than ISTA to do it? Hope your tinfoil hat looks as good as min [...]

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