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    Re: Considering 2016 i3 REX GIGA w. tech package

    :D Congrats! Welcome to the i3 family! [...]

    Re: Problem with roof peeling

    Definitely looks like a protective film or wrap, like what gets put on bumpers/hoods to protect against rock chips. There are some YouTube videos on removing it - though you might want to take it to a shop that does that stuff to get an opinion. Hopefully the prev owner that did it didn't use some stick-on plastic that wasn't designed for this kind of application. [...]

    Re: parking lights remain on

    I like to put mine on when driving short trips and turn them off again when I'm finished. there is a gong sounding when opening the door but its the normal warning for a dozen other things and can be missed. I dont have a DRL selection available but regardless I prefer the sidelights as the rears also come on at this time. It "should" be possible to code these lights to act the way some other cars do - see below - but my list of lighting function codes is in German and runs four pages so I'm not confident [...]

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