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Mojo, thanks so much for your wonderful video. My husband is pretty handy and thinks he can follow your instructions. In your video, you mention a link to order the screen, but I don't see a link. Could you please send the link to me? Thanks so much.
Hiya - the video is by Wisely Automotive, so they would have been responsible for the link. I would suggest you take a look at their FB page to see if there is more detail there and, if not, contact them to see if they can provide more info.
Hi i3 UK,

I own a 2016 REX and have enjoying learning about it. Even learned to change the brake pads. Did you ever figure out what the problem was with your REX and getting it out of Park?. I read some of the suggestions.

Matthew Ziccardi
Scottsdale, AZ.

[email protected]