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Front axle , Planned service life of 40-60 t km, 3 - 4 year

Sun Jun 28, 2020 12:35 am


Hello gentlemen.
I'm sorry I don't speak English well.

BMW equips cars with defective wheel bearings at the factory so that BMW can obtain post-warranty service. The same is the rubber cover of the front shock absorber, service life max. 3.5 years.

I was in Germany with a friend to buy a BMW i3, most cars have free (play in) front wheels, some noticeable only in the hand, others noticeable by sound, others with an ominous metallic sound at 42,000 km.

https://cloud.itnaklic.cz/itnaklic/inde ... jScFBNLE7r after 31 048 km
https://cloud.itnaklic.cz/itnaklic/inde ... T7fdosizaS after 42 211km SHIT BMW !!!!!

The right wheel sways more because it is more loaded at the roundabout.

I don't like the behavior of the manufacturer who made the timed defect on the car.
I also had these defects, a bearing and a protective cover for the front axle shock absorber. After 1/4 year of speculation at the German BMW office, they repaired everything for me half a year after the warranty free of charge.
Another timed defect is opening the REX tank, depressurization.
I said that the car does not pass the state technical inspection in the Czech Republic. BMW fixed everything.

I expect more timed defects on my car.

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