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800 miles back and forth trip on Level 2

Wed Feb 13, 2019 8:52 am

I have a 2015 i3 BEV (NO REX!), dumbass salesman never mentioned the Level 3 factory option for $750... in their extensive knowledge of EVs in 2015, so I drove since then with what I had and not what I wished I had.

For some of you if you remember I had a blog abut my long distance commuting adventures. Racking up 100 miles each weekday among other things.

Now my bimmer has 67k on it... and glad no battery degradation because I was crazy enough to take it from San Diego to just south of Redding.... using the level 2 charging network!!!!

Total cost $10 and 2 days.... gotta do some planning but I am experienced.

Range is 70-80 miles between each station as it is mostly 55 mph freeway driving. I must be the slowest BMW in Cali for that time period but it works. The section between Chico and Lincoln is scariest... 78 miles and the temps were near freezing so I made it with 5% of charge to each destination both ways. Living dangerously....

Reason is I had a specific seminar in NorCal that lasted 2 weeks... so renting a gas mobile was a disgusting option to me, assuming either driving it from San Diego or catching a flight and renting one in Stockton.

My i3 made an extra 800 miles in those 2 weeks as Chico was the only place I could stay and I commuted 30 miles each day.

Do a guy like me deserves a medal for outstanding efforts to reduce CO2 emissions or what?
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Re: 800 miles back and forth trip on Level 2

Mon Feb 18, 2019 4:49 pm

Thanks for posting! I too have a 2014 BEV I3 with no fast charge option. I would like a REX and fast charge option, but for $12k and not oweing a dime, I am super happy with what I have. The wife and I are daydreaming about taking a long trip, stopping at libraries and other interesting places that have free chargers. Sleep in the car all climate controlled!

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