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Jan 1, 2024
Super nice set of 429 rims. Bought as a set to mount my snow tires on for easier swaps. Found a set 428's I liked better. $1200 offers considered + ship or pickup in PNW, Where we don't tan, we rust.

10.25 screen which was incorrectly sent by a seller off Aliexpress. I'm stuck not being able to return it. Bought to replace the small screen in my 2019. The screen is in perfect condition but is a 2015. You can see the part numbers in the picture. Cost me 691.02 to my door. Don't go through the customs (US) or wait time. Make a reasonable offer.

Original and like new BMW floor mats in black. Front and back seat area. Can supply like new velcro front hold downs also. I replaced them with weathertechs almost immediately when I purchased the car. No need to keep them around. Same thing. Make a reasonable offer.


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