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May 20, 2024
Sunbury on Thames, Surrey.
Tommorow is the day! I collect my 2020 i3 120 and dip my toes into the world of electric motoring and indeed BMW.
My current car has made its last journey (apart from a few yards getting it off the carport) yesterday and will probably be turned into (just) enough cash to buy a used TaylorMade Stealth 2 driver. Either that or donate it to the local fire station for practice. It's a 2004 Mercedes (don't judge me) C200CDi estate, and has been a magnificent car. Its trip over the weekend achieved 71mpg there and 65mpg back but it received the dreaded rear subframe and brake pipe corrosion advisory at its last MOT and that's a big job so off it must go.

No doubt I'll have a million and one newbie questions about my new purchase once I get it home and make some sort of charging arrangements that hopefully won't burn down the house. I'll look forward to spending far too much time in here, I'll report back when I get it home.
Right, I've got my new car and am very imressed thus far. Mind you, I've only driven it home, around twenty miles through car-hating South London and to the golf course and back, five miles in total. I'm still getting used to regen braking, I tend to lift off too early but I hope it will come with practice. Even so, I only touched the footbrake pedal twice driving it home and one of those was instinct. I have a hundred and sixty mile round trip this weekend and so I'll be dipping my toe into the world of public charging. Wish me luck!
As promised I have a load of questions, I'll at least try to ask them in the relevant forums.
The regen thing is something you'll quickly get accustom to.

My dear wife was an infrequent driver of the i3 and just didn't get a grasp of it until she began driving her own EV, and after about a week figured it out. Kind of odd I thought as at that point she had been downshifting manual transmissions for longer than me, I figured it would have been a more natural transition.

But as long as your cognizant of it, you'll pick it up in no time!