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Depending on your intent, you may want to experiment with removing the rear seat bench. It pops out easily and may allow the seat backs to fold flat.

Good idea, you can do that with the CX5 without removing the bench, not entirely flat though.

Can a giant Connect 4 game fit in an i3? Well of course you already know it can because it can be broken down into its constituent parts, and easily carried along with a Corn Hole set, a crate of giant Jenga blocks, and a tub full of rental silverware stashed somewhere in the rear passenger footwell.


A couple of months ago I posted pics of my backyard grill that got clobbered by a fallen tree, the flattened remains of which fit just in the cargo area after I took the angle grinder to it.

I picked up its replacement, but first I checked out the packaging sizes before heading out. 44.5" x 26.5" x 21" and 200 lbs! Ought to >>just<< fit with the seats folded down... or will it?

It took two guys to load it and once I got it home, I sliced open the box while it was still in the car and removed the individual unassembled components piece by piece. Reverse Tetris!PXL_20240601_180954404.MP.jpgPXL_20240601_181017977.MP.jpgPXL_20240601_181214107.MP.jpgPXL_20240602_003440227.jpg.
Yep yep! The Curt lift hitch levels it out nicely too.

I just try to stick to the GVWR for the car, which is almost 4000 lbs. Subtracting myself and the weight of the trailer leaves almost 500 lbs available to haul stuff.
Is your hitch this one? Anyone know of an Amazon option? I'm weary of thinking through roof-rack-hacks, moving on to a hitch-receiver-mount 'luggage-carrier' possibility.
With the Monkey Bars I suppose the length of the load is irrelevant, only the weight. But, for what it's worth, this was on the way back from an unsuccessful drone recovery mission off of the school's roof. We figure some other kids know the (faster) ladderless way up.

Here's some mystery cargo.

This would be a great Youtube video if you could show the install and details. Thanks.