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Apr 22, 2018
Hello everyone,

So I am in a mission to find some internal specifications pertaining to 60Ah battery modules. It is a salvaged module that I’m planning to use for some other application with a proper DC-DC power electronic converter which I plan to build leisurely.

However, BMW apparently treats this entire Cell module as one single part and I was not able to find technical documentation on the internet about the internal construction of this module and specifications. (I found the functional block diagram of the module in TIS website which does not contain many details) I'm particularly looking for signal interface of the harness that goes into cell monitoring cct. which has some temp and voltage sensors which I plan to use if possible.

Has anyone of you got the Teardown Analysis of BMW i3 by MUNRO Associates (or any other person?) Or has anyone done their own teardown of this module for any of your DIY projects? Please get in touch with me.

The battery pack contains 8 x "HV Battery Module, Asm", each of which contains Contains 2 x "Six Cell Stack, Asm", each of which contains 6 x "Cell Insulated Asm/Lithium Ion Cell Asm/Cell Stack Asm/Winding Stack Asm", each of which contains 4 x (2 Inner 2 x Outer) Cell Winding Asm.

Which level of disassembly are you talking about?