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Jun 9, 2024
Hello, joined today. I have a 2017 Rex and just posted some maintenance and bad Rex behavior questions on this thread:

Especially interested in finding a shop in Nassau County NY that is competent to work on i3. My dealer was decent, but now out of business.

Looking to do some maintenance myself. I'm contemplating a cheater oil change by vacuuming the oil out from the top, so I don't have to crawl under and change filter. Seems filter should last a long time given how little I run the Rex.

In the BMW world, I'm so far a 2-cylinder guy. My previous BMW was an R1150R Rockster. What a wonderful bike! Miss it. But not the high risk level due to careless drivers.

Also love the i3 and would like to keep it going as long as possible. Glad to have found forum where we can help each other figure things out. There don't seem to be many mechanics who have been willing to study up on i3. Probably not a lot of return on that investment!