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Oct 31, 2023
Future, very rural, 2017-2018 BMW i3 REx Volt owner with, hopefully, an unusual question about rodent damage in wiring. For those of us without airtight garage space, does anyone out there have any problem with your i3's engine air intake or air ducts/filters getting furry guests, or perhaps chewing up any wiring harnesses, inside or outside the cabin?
I've read several reports including photos of potentially expensive wiring damage caused by rodents. Some theorize that modern wiring can have soy-based insulation that rodents like to eat.
That's the case with one neighbor's Chrysler Town & Country van. Every time she wants to use her bigger vehicle for hauling something large the thing won't start and it's repair time again. But no reports of rodent squatters in the heating/A/C vents?