White painted roof i3 - MUCH cooler in summer

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If I owned a Capparis White i3, I would do the same here in Honolulu where the noontime sun is now north of straight up since we are south of the Tropic of Cancer. Instead, I had the roof of our Imperial Blue Metallic i3 wrapped in light gray vinyl film that matches our i3's Frozen Gray accents. I have noticed a cooler cabin after parking in direct sunlight.


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The capparis white roof looks pretty good! I moved to a much warmer and sunny country and while I created a sun shelter at home, when on the road it warms up quite a bit. Someone suggested wrapping, maybe I will.
nice, i'd wrap it, prob white too
Although I had our roof wrapped, no warranty on the wrap was issued because it's on a horizontal surface which would cause the vinyl film to degrade more rapidly when exposed to UV radiation in sunlight. Our i3 doesn't spend much time in sunlight, so I'm not concerned about this degradation. My primary goal was to reduce the cabin temperature when in sunlight which has succeeded.

If I were worried about the CFRP clear coat degrading, I would have had the roof painted a light color which should last much longer than vinyl film when exposed to UV radiation from sunlight.