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Re: Any mods

Tue Feb 19, 2019 9:10 pm

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Re: Any mods

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Just joined this forum and saw this topic, so my apologies for being late to the conversation. I have a 2014 i3 BEV. Here're the things I did as minor "mods" to make it more user friendly to me.

1. Horn addition - the i3 somehow comes with only 1 horn while other BMWs come with 2 (Hi/Lo). So I added the missing one (just the 500hz one) ... B00067BWBI. (Difficulty level: 3/5)

2. LED high beams and front turn signals - my 2014 model came with incandescent bulbs for the highbeam and front turn signal. Easy swap with LEDs from Amazon. Took me 2 tries to get the correct amber LED bulb that gives enough forward illumination to work well. I got these The highbeams were easier, just get a good H11 LED headlight bulb. High beams are so much better now than the mediocre incandescent ones - really surprised BMW let this one slip. (Difficulty level: 2/5)

3. JBL BassPro SL 2 subwoofer - even though my i3 has "Harman Kardon" system. It's missing a sub. Probably for "efficiency" reasons. So I added this thin one ... -SL-2.html leaning on the left side of my trunk. Wired it into the head unit wires under the rear seat. (Difficulty level: 4/5)

4. BMW auto-dim side mirrors with (Euro) blind spot outside section ... 897806604? - my i3 was supposed to be "loaded" US spec, but it only had 1 dimming side mirror, and no blind spot section. Since this car has no electronic blind spot monitor, adding an original BMW Euro blind spot mirror really helped. So I got a pair from eBay. Waiting for them to be available proved more difficult than the install - which was straight-forward 15-minute job. The car's already pre-wired for it! (Difficulty level: 2/5)

5. LED ribbon trunk light - with only 1 side mounted LED bulb for the trunk, it wasn't really lighting up the trunk much. So a cheap white LED ribbon, stuck underneath the parcel shelf hidden from view made it much more usable at night. Wiring was so simple I only needed to pop out the original trunk light to make a parallel connection using one of these via the existing holes on the side of the trunk. (Difficulty level: 2/5)

6. Custom car-specific magnetic phone mount - I hate wires, I hate having a bulky thing sticking on my dash, and I hate having any clip on mounts blocking my AC vent. Cup mounts also didn't work for me because I need my cupholders! So I got a ProClip USA vehicle specific mount that clips on to just BELOW the AC vent and the power socket ... mw-i3/2014, and added a big stick on magnetic mount ... B0756NFMCC on it. So my phone will mount in landscape position right below the vents, and even has a short USB C cord plugged to the power socket. With the phone on the mount, you CANNOT see the mount. It's like your phone was part of the lower dash. I also got these awesome Aukey PD/QC 3.0 micro car phone charger that "disappears" into the power socket. (Difficulty level: 1/5)

7. Front/rear dashcams - I got an Aukey DR02, along with their AUKEY Dash Cam Hardwire Kit with Motion Detection Sensor ... B07J3BLFBN. For dashcam as well as surveillance duty. (Difficulty level: 3/5)

So I guess these mods are more for safety, security, and comfort categories.

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