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Oct 29, 2021
So I originally bought my i3s from a dealer already tinted. A month after purchase, I got a flat tire from road debris which got me started on a little journey of modding it.

First up was swapping to aftermarket wheels:

Ignore the specs in there, as at this point, my suggested setup would be 40mm spacers, 215/55 tires in front, 235/50 in the rear.

Small little upgrade in that I put a 12v LiFEPO4 battery into it:

Next big mod was to add trailer wiring. You can see a guide on how to do it here:

And here is a picture with the trailer: https://i.redd.it/mpx9f1bivuz71.jpg

Then I added a dual dashcam setup, hardwired. You can see it here:

Next up, I added a fridge to it that runs 24/7. I have the wokeby trunk extension in place of where the REx would be that has a DC-DC charger and a 50Ah battery, should keep the fridge going for 2+ ish days. You can see the thread with details here:

Finally, A fun little thing I did was to add sonobe units to the weird little spot in the dash, a customized license plate and some stickers! https://imgur.com/xvsvZo9 https://imgur.com/a/k4tPEuD