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Feb 19, 2023
For Sale: My Pride and Joy - One of the Most Stunning BMW i3s (Mileage: 20, 557)

PRICE: £20.500 ONO

I'm offering my beloved BMW i3s for sale. This car turns heads wherever it goes, and people can't help but ask about it, whether you're at the local Tesco, Lidl, or a charging station.
This car has been treated with the utmost care and has never seen rain since it came under my ownership. I'm parting with it reluctantly because I've received an offer for a company car, and I cant keep that many cars. It wasn't an easy decision because I've invested a lot of time and effort to make this car look as remarkable as it does.
Here's what you'll get with this car:
- Latest 2018 UK model with the Range Extender (REx)
- Large screen with WIFI CarPlay
- Front and rear parking sensors
- Reversing camera
- Traffic jam assist
- Panoramic sunroof
- Light interior – I couldn't fathom brown leather, so I opted for a light interior with half leather, creating a bright and clean look, complemented perfectly by the panoramic sunroof.
What's been changed on this BMW i3s, my version of BMW Black Edition:
The car originally came in a blue-black combination, which was nice, but I decided to transform it into an all-black beauty. EuroTint, located near Park Royal, did the job, and I'd be happy to take you there so you can meet the guys who made this transformation possible. The car now boasts a four-year warranty on the wrap, and if you ever get tired of black, it can be easily removed to reveal the original paint in superb condition.
BC Performance suspension, with only about 5,000 miles on it, improves the car's looks and handling without sacrificing comfort.
An Audiophile-grade Audison speaker replaces the lackluster Harmon Kardon system, making the sound quality truly exceptional.
Tinted windows and front and rear light tints add to the car's sleek appearance.
Maxton front, rear, and side spoilers enhance the car's aerodynamics and style.
All badges and chrome elements have been blacked out, and the original i3s badge was removed but I kept it if you want to put this back.
The diamond-cut alloy wheels look much better than plain black ones, in my opinion. If you prefer black wheels, they can be easily painted to your liking.
The car is in excellent condition, and meticulously maintained, and the interior is spotless and free of stains, scratches, or any damage.
Road tax of £520 has been paid until June 1, 2024, and I will cover the cost of road tax until that date for the new owner. After this period, the annual road tax will be just £180.
The car comes with a full-service history, with the most recent service performed by Wisely Automotive, as I prefer not to rely on BMW's service department.
The MOT has just been renewed, and all modifications are legal and pass without issues.
Driving this car feels like it just rolled off the factory floor; it's silent, smooth, and performs flawlessly. We can arrange a visit to a garage or mechanic for a pre-sale inspection, but I can assure you that everything is in perfect order.
With the larger 33 kWh battery and the REx, you can achieve over 200 miles of range in the summer. In winter, it's still an impressive 170-180 miles on Pro+ mode, as shown in the photos, taken in Comfort mode.
This car comes with DC fast-charging capabilities, although I've never used it personally. I'm old-fashioned and prefer the slower home charging, which also seems to be gentler on the battery. The charging cable is included with the car.
I'm sure I've missed some details in my excitement, but if you have any questions or need more information, please don't hesitate to reach out. I'm almost always available, and I'd be delighted to show you this remarkable car. Thank you for considering it. The location is around the Heathrow area.


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