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Mystery window lowering

Twice in 14 months I have had the windows on my 2019i3S go down of their own accord while car was either in garage or on street. It seems to relate to some feature of the panic button on the key fob. Any thoughts on how to avoid this happening? Many thanks.
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Re: Mystery window lowering

twice in 1 week staying at motels, found the i3 had wound windows down and unlocked.

it happens when the remote buttons get pushed if in range.

As i have keyless entry I folded some stiff plastic over the buttons and put the whole remote inside a small pouch.
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Re: Mystery window lowering

This is well documented before:

Buy a cheap key cover from ebay.
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Re: Mystery window lowering

Same has happened to us with 2015 i3. After second random occurrence, we just do a quick walk around after locking to make sure windows are up. Idk

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