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Jan 7, 2019
I recently purchased a used 2018 i3s REX (i traded in my CPO 2016 i3 REX in the process) and I am loving it. The one issue i discovered upon leaving the dealership while driving the 60 miles back to my home was that I could not activate the cruise control. The car was equipped with ACC and had all of the requisite buttons, but when i pressed the button to activate cruise control nothing happened. I called the dealer when i got home and they agreed to find the issue and perform the repair (assuring me it had been tested and worked prior to me taking possession).

The twist is that the dealer is well over an hour from where i live, and their service dept is only open during the week, meaning i'd have to take time off work to get it fixed for free. To further muddy the water, I happened to try holding down the follow distance buttons (after reading that this was the way to disable active cruise control) and the system switched on, i was able to press the upper follow distance button and reactivate the active cruise feature and it seems to work as it should. But two of the buttons don't work, the lower two (Active Cruise Control on/off, and the button to increase the follow distance).

I was curious if anyone had paid for repairs to their steering wheel controls and what it might cost. The car is a 2018, i don't think there is any original warranty left (except on the battery) and since i have a "work around" to use cruise control it's really not that big a deal, although it makes me wonder if the rest of the steering wheel buttons might crap out soon as well. Any help/insight would be appreciated.

Sorry for the long question.

TL;DR: What might a repair at a local BMW dealership cost for a steering wheel button fix? (2 of the adaptive cruise control buttons don't work)

Thanks for taking a look!
This kind of sounds like a clock spring issue. It is hard to tell without further diagnosing. Might be as easy as changing the clock spring.
Thank you so much, this helps a lot, still sounds like it could potentially be an expensive repair, i appreciate your thoughts!