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May 2, 2021
I have such a problem - while driving, the smell of electric burning started to rise, after stopping the car and checking it, it turned out that the smell was coming from under the rear couch.
The nose pointed to the module on the right, i.e. the HK amplifier.
After disconnecting and dismantling, it turned out that the plate next to one of the circuits was burnt.

Black coating, strong acrid smell, next to this circuit (probably the amplifier) the PCB is layered and you can see that something happened there, inside the green plate, right next to the IC.

The car works.
Navigation and other systems work, no errors, no messages, only silence in the speakers, total mute.

1. How to make sure that the reason for this was in that module and not outside of it?
2. after changing it to another module, do I need coding ?
3. How to check if, for example, the failure is caused by a short circuit in the cables at the loudspeaker or somewhere else?
4. There is a fan next to it that did not work, how can I check if it is ok? or maybe just replace it?

I will be grateful for the answers ...
Yes, I ordered a used amplifier from the Internet, installed it and it works.
I haven't found anyone in my area who would code it's Vin number, but it works as such, "plug and play" ;).