2015 BMW i3 REX issue - drivetrain inoperable

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Apr 20, 2024
I'm trying to resolve a frustrating issue with my 2015 i3 Rex with 50,xxx miles on it. After 30-odd minutes of running, it'll generally (although not always) throw a drivetrain error. This always seems to happen when coming to a standstill, as the Rex is turning itself off. The drivetrain error will clear after 10 - 15 mins of the car being switched off (or if cleared via OBD), but will then happen again in a shorter period of time. I have professionally had a foreign car specialist put in a new 12v Remy AGM battery, change the plugs & coils as well as replace the fuel pump relay switch.

Still after all that, the REX will start but then I get the warning ⚠️ light above fuel meter on dash and REX disengages. Code that keeps coming back is 11401.

Any help and solutions are greatly appreciated!!


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I have / had similar issues. "Drive Train Error" [ REX I3 2015 ] I phoned up BMW and they said that they cannot see problems. Currently, I am not getting this error but intermittently it occurs. Not a clue why. Nope, I have not plugged in anything to clear error codes etc. Just appears to die out. Now after writing this, I am sure, it will be back to mock me :)