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Jun 26, 2023
Hey guys,

My 2016 60ah BEV appears to have a maximum charging speed of 3 kWh. It only has a Type 2 charging option (no DC), which is supposed to be able to charge it at 7.4 kWh, but I've tested at public chargers and at home, and I'm getting consistent ~3kWh speeds, which is painfully slow.

I was wondering is this is being caused by some internal fault, or if it is possible that my car lacks feature that would allow it to reach the full 7.4 kWh.

Any ideas?

You mean in the system options, right? It is, I've checked that...

Here's the VIN report If you need it:

Zide said:
My 2016 60ah BEV appears to have a maximum charging speed of 3 kWh.
That would be 3 kW (power), not 3 kWh (energy). Charging at 3 kW for 1 hour would deliver 3 kWh of energy.

Unfortunately, your i3 doesn't have option 4U8 Rapid Charging, Alternating Current (Schnell-laden Wechselstrom). All i3's have one 3.7 kW on-board charger. Option 48U adds a second 3.7 kW on-board charger. Another option adds a third charger which implements 3-phase AC charging.

Looking at the M Decoder print-out for your i3, it is a very basic i3 with few options. When you talk to your dealer about adding DC fast charging, also talk about adding a second AC charger. All of the hardware involved is in the same location, so the labor for adding the second charger probably wouldn't be much more than adding the DC fast charging hardware. However, doing this would be quite expensive. Maybe the necessary parts could be bought for much less from an auto dismantler.
Thanks a lot for your clarification. I'm relieved to know that the car is not faulty, after all.