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Jul 20, 2014
For anyone who purchased, leased or financed a BMW i3 in Canada before Dec 2014, BMW is facing a trial on May 14, on misrepresenting the range of the vehicle and fraudulently concealing that misrepresentation in Ontario Small Claims Court.

Prior to December 2014, BMW Canada represented the top range of the I three as 200 km. In December 2014, they cautiously changed the marketed top range of the vehicle to 160km from 200km.

They did not notify any of The BMW i3 owners as of that time to the lowered range of the vehicle.

If you purchased or leased a BMW i3 prior to December 2014 in Canada, please let me know and I will update you as to the result of the trial. The story will likely be broadcast on CBC radio, CBC News and CBC Online, at the completion of the trial.