Broke side mirror glass - which replacement part?

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Oct 1, 2021
Hi all,

2017 Terra REx, all packages, 4/17 build.

I broke the passenger side mirror glass and am having a difficult time find the exact (or a suitable) part.

This part looks correct, while FCP Euro and other sites are pushing me towards a much more expensive part.
The three options to check for are
- dimming
- heated
- aspherical

Both of my i3s have no dimming on the passenger side, but the asphericical mirror I bought was equipped with dimming as an option.
SuperPoly –

I clipped my 2014's pax sideview mirror during a backup maneuver and broke it.

A replacement photochromic (auto-dimming) mirror was US$350 from BMW NA. I went with the cheaper non-photochromic mirror because it was US$99 (ordered online).

The car knows the mirror was changed – the new (non-standard) mirror was flagged during a key read when bringing my i3 in for a scheduled service.
Check out Hubauer Shop for correct part here:

Section under vehicle trim, then mirror glass.