Buying used 2019 i3 - Am I missing something or are they?

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Oct 5, 2023
Hello, I am about to buy my first i3. It is a 2019 Rex VIN WBY8P4C51K7D60550 The seller does not list it with Tech and Driver Pkg, which it does not have. But does it have adaptive cruise control?

On the build sheet it shows S5AT Driving Assistant Plus

On the window sticker it shows Cruise Control w/Steering Wheel Controls

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It is part of the Driving Assistant Plus package.
You can also tell by looking at the pic of the cruise control arm on the listing. Above the little scroll wheel are a pair of buttons with graphics that look like lanes. Those are for use with ACC. I don't know why the Driving Assistant Plus package does not appear on the Monroney Sticker they display.

My 2017 BEV does NOT have ACC and does NOT have those buttons.
This seems like a very unusual configuration. I've never read about a U.S. i3 with the small LED display (S606: Navigation System Business) and with adaptive cruise control (unique steering wheel controls), automatic high beams (S5AC: High-Beam Assistant with the second button that can be seen on the end of the turn signal stalk), the high-end LED headlights with included cornering lights (S5A4: LED Headlight With Extended Scopes, S5AP: Decoding Anti-Glare High-Beam Assistant). These headlights have the capability to turn off LED segments to avoid blinding vehicles ahead while leaving the high-beams on. I've attempted to reverse S5AP: Decoding Anti-Glare High-Beam Assistant on our 2019 U.S. i3 to enable this feature which seems to be working.

It's like this i3 has everything in the Tech and Driving Assist Package except Navigation System Professional with its wider LCD. It must have a KAFAS camera in the rear view mirror housing because automatic high beams and adaptive cruise control require it. I wonder whether this i3 was ordered with the Tech and Driving Assist Package but that BMW had run out of the wider LCD displays so installed the narrower display instead.