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My i3

New member
Apr 19, 2024
My 2016 i3 is not taking any charge from home or EV station. Dash shows plugged in and I see no error codes, any idea what’s wrong.
Thank you for your info
How long have you had the car? Has it ever charged properly? It sounds like the car may be set to take advantage of charging during a certain time period normally reserved for taking advantage of lower rates. Check iDrive menu to see if there is something like this enabled.
thank you for responding. I have not changed any settings on the car. One day is plugged in for almost 24 hours and it didn’t charge at all. I’ve had good luck with charging it so far no issues.
Have your 12v battery checked to make sure that the connection is secure (they can come loose) and also that the voltage of the 12v battery is above 12.6v The 12v battery controls all the electronics in the car and that includes allowing the car to charge. If it is failing, it might allow the dash to display but not allow the car to charge. A failing 12v battery can cause all sorts of weird things to happen and not happen.
After troubleshooting at the simple things I would most likely say that your KLE unit is done. Try swapping 12v battery first.