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Apr 11, 2020
When I first purchased our 2017 i3 several months ago, I could turn on the climate control, unlock doors, etc but the last several months the only functions that work are seeing the state of charge and location. After calling BMW Connected Drive they advised to delete and reinstall the app (Which I did - twice) to no avail.
Does anyone have a work around ??
Since the commands you mention not working are the ones that send data to the car rather than just polling the BMW server, you might want to look at the thread(s) here showing how to pull and replace the fuse for the cellular connection to power cycle the module.
BMW charges $50/year for this service. There's a chance it expired from the last time it was paid. Either that or your free subscription ended and it's time to fork up the $.
I did contact BMW and they said my subscription for the service is paid up until the end of 2021. I tried pulling fuse # 114 as several have said will reset the cellular module with no improvement.
I think it's actually fuse #115.
I updated my IOS today and miraculously, my BMW Connected app now shows the range that it used to not display at all. If you have an iphone, see if you have an update. It worked for me. Hopefully, it works for you too.