2019 BMW I3s - NAV system not showing charger availability - red, green or orange colors

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Nov 1, 2022
My 2019 BMW I3s is currently at the dealer for a charge station availability issue. The issue is - when you attempt to locate a charge station using the car’s NAV system, the NAV system would normally display a red, green or orange indicator next to the charge station showing the availability of that charge station. Ever since the last software update, Dec 22 the car has stopped displaying the colors. The odd part is that it appears to only happen in the Southern California area. My drive to the dealership is about 150 miles and during the drive I tried numerous times using the NAV system to check charger availability along the route and at my current location. The charge stations always show but not the availability colors.

I informed the dealer that I had made a trip to Northern California over the summer and about halfway up the state the charge station color indicators started working properly. On my return home to So Calif the NAV system again lost the color indicators.

While at the dealership we tried to test the availability of charge stations in other states and the NAV system responded correctly in whatever state was picked. We also picked Oakland and San Francisco CA and the colors indicators worked correctly. Tried cities in So Calif and got no color indicators. Thinking this was a problem with my paid account subscription for additional services (gas prices, map updates, etc) but found out it was still covered and set up correctly by BMW.

So far BMW engrg has had the dealership to reinstall the software which they did on Monday. Again, no colored lights. The car remains at the dealership waiting for further instructions from BMW engrg. The dealership states they have never seen this problem. The MyBMW app does work correctly in So Calif in areas showing the availablity colors. The car’s NAV system for the same area does not display the charge station availability.

I informed the dealership I would post this in the hopes that someone else has experienced the same problem. The dealership was able to test the NAV system's charge availability on a customer's 2015 I3 and it worked fine. They told me the car’s software is not the same and they would need to locate another 2019 I3 to test it properly.

Has anyone else experienced this?