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Installed a small-footprint dual stack cable gym in my garage. Strength train 4 times a week, along with ride a recumbent stationary bike a few times a week. Also belong to a gym with an indoor salt-water pool, where you can reserve your own swim lane for an hour at a time - so swim/water-walk (pool is 4 feet deep) three times a week. Gym is part of a local major hospital complex - actually part of their rehab facility, so all hospital Covid protocols followed. Am fully vacc'd and boosted as well.

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I'm 77 and must be careful not to injure myself during weight training (been there, done that), so lots of reps of moderate weight rather than heavy weights. With a herniated lumbar disk, running irritates my sciatic nerve, so I haven't run in 37 years :(

Three times each week, I walk up a 2.2-mile hill that is ~700 feet high, so 4.4 miles round-trip, all on sidewalks. I also hike in the nearby mountains occasionally usually at least 5 miles total with over 1,000 feet altitude gain.

I usually walk ~½ mile to a gym where I do ~1 hour of weight training 3 times per week. However, during this recent Omicron spike, I haven't been going to the gym even though I'm fully vaccinated and boosted. I'll probably start going again this week.
I'm 77 and must be careful not to injure myself during weight training (been there, done that)

LOL, me too. 72 here. That's one of the reasons I elected for a cable stack weight home gym instead of free weights when all the gyms shut down - more control so limits chance injury from free weights getting away from you. Have Plantar Fasciitis in both feet, so don't do a lot of walking as it makes it flare up - though after two years treating the symptoms with little success, stumbled on an obscure site that showed how to treat the most common cause with some simple exercises - which actually is working for me, so may be able to get more walking in as well. :D